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Alyxius changed primary profession from Alchemy to Blacksmithing
Alyxius changed secondary spec from Retribution to Holy
Alyxius changed primary spec from Holy to Retribution
Alyxius is now level 100
Alyxius changed secondary profession from Herbalism to Mining
Pecamribe changed primary profession from Blacksmithing to Enchanting
Pecamribe is now level 100
Pecamribe changed secondary spec from Arms to Fury
Pecamribe changed secondary profession from Mining to Blacksmithing
Haroniés changed secondary spec from Restoration to Elemental
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Jul 06, 2015 at 03:08 PM
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PERSONAL INFORMATIONA. Name: Burlacu DanB. Age and gender: 23, maleC. Location: RomaniaD. Tell us something about yourself: E. Why do you want to join Antics?: to raid this new contentYOUR CHARACTERA. Server: StormscaleB. Character name: SpudboyC.... Read More
Jul 06, 2015 at 12:42 AM

Application Pietske

PERSONAL INFORMATIONA. Name: Joachim QuatackerB. Age and gender: 23 - MaleC. Location: Ghent (Belgium)D. Tell us something about yourself: Hi, I'll be short about this, not a lot of interesting stuff to say.. So I'm 23 years old and normally I pla... Read More