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Vulgor / Aug 14, 2015
It's done, the verdict has been reached, we are officially disbanding. I have since moved on to Vex Thal and so have others already applied to various guilds. I thank everyone that was ever a part of our raiding team! Special mention to those who were here for a VERY long time, in no particular order: Xerxsas, Feraks, Drruu, Miserable. We were the actual core and heart of this guild, I love you all!
I am also very happy that we split up as good friends and agreed to keep in touch although we'll be raiding in different guilds, or perhaps not raiding at all.

I salute you!

Game Activities
Vulgor changed secondary spec from Assassination to Subtlety
Avorti changed secondary profession from Jewelcrafting to Alchemy
Avorti changed primary profession from Tailoring to Enchanting
Avorti changed secondary spec from Destruction to Beast Mastery
Avorti changed primary spec from Demonology to Marksmanship
Vulgor changed primary profession from Leatherworking to Engineering
Vulgor is now level 100
Vulgor changed primary spec from Assassination to Combat
Vulgor changed secondary spec from Subtlety to Assassination
Tormentic set secondary spec to Guardian
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Aug 09, 2015 at 03:18 PM

MM Hunter

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