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Vulgor / Mar 04, 2015
After a less than succesful raid day on blackhand Sunday, where it seemed to be impossible to get past phase 2, we got our shit together today and reached phase 3 a few times and killed the boss the 4th time we reached the last phase.

Gratz to everyone that participated in the kill and let's rape mythic BRF

Game Activities
7 days Huníx changed secondary spec from Marksmanship to Beast Mastery
13 days Miserable changed secondary profession from Engineering to Enchanting
13 days Miserable changed primary spec from Destruction to Demonology
13 days Miserable is now level 100
14 days Zëdd changed primary spec from Balance to Restoration
14 days Zëdd is now level 90
14 days Zëdd changed secondary spec from Restoratioin to Balance
14 days Zëdd changed primary profession from Herbalism to Alchemy
14 days Zëdd changed secondary profession from Alchemy to Herbalism
22 days Drruu changed primary spec from Marksmanship to Survival
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Mar 02, 2015 at 11:23 AM
Yíaz - Disc/Holy

[Declined] Guild Application

PERSONAL INFORMATIONA. Name: MattiasB. Age and gender: 21 MaleC. Location: SwedenD. Tell us something about yourself: I dont have much of a life playing wow like 24/7 E. Why do you want to join Antics?: Because i wish to raid with a stable raiding... Read More
Mar 01, 2015 at 07:38 PM

[Accepted] Disc/Holy--Shadow Priest

PERSONAL INFORMATIONName: MohamedAge and gender: 30, MaleLocation: Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.Tell us something about yourself: I am an Electrical Engineering, currently single, playing wow is my hobbyWhy do you want to join Antics?: Why I am applying speci... Read More