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Game Activities
2 days Windcrawler changed primary profession from Enchanting to Tailoring
2 days Windcrawler changed secondary spec from Windwalk to Windwalker
2 days Windcrawler changed secondary profession from Tailoring to Enchanting
2 days Windcrawler has been added to the roster
2 days Thundercrush has been added to the roster
6 days Haraldböna is now level 100
6 days Haraldböna changed secondary profession from Alchemy to Engineering
6 days Haraldböna changed primary profession from Engineering to Alchemy
7 days Huníx changed secondary spec from Marksman to Marksmanship
7 days Huníx set primary profession to Engineering
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Jan 30, 2015 at 02:05 AM
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[Declined] Ethelona - Hunter

PERSONAL INFORMATIONA. Name: NenadB. Age and gender: 21, Male.C. Location: Kumanovo, MacedoniaD. Tell us something about yourself: m a student of economics, currently 3rd year uni, gaming is a passion, so are tv shows/anime. World of Warcraft has ... Read More
Jan 29, 2015 at 03:06 PM
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[Declined] Firstclass Druid Boomkin

PERSONAL INFORMATIONA. Name: Andrei B. Age and gender: 20 MaleC. Location: Romania,BucharestD. Tell us something about yourself:I'm Ushra, and I hail from the island of Ireland live just outside of Dubin. Outside of Raiding I go to the gym and pla... Read More